Health and Fitness Training –
feel your best when transitioning into menopause!

Tailor made health and fitness coaching for, what can be, a challenging stage of life. Let me show you how to train in such a way that improves your health and fitness whilst mitigating those less desirable menopause symptoms. Hot flushes, sleepless nights, exhaustion, achy joints, the list goes on! Choose from 1:1, partner, small group sessions, fitness classes or online training.

Private studio ideal for 1:1, partner training and small groups. Sessions are fun, challenging and achievable. Nutritional coaching also available.

Fitness classes available for anyone of any fitness level. Easy, moderate and harder exercises options always given. Friendly and welcoming environment with a fun and social element.

Workout from the comfort of your own home whilst being guided through the exercises on Zoom. If you live far away from gym facilities or travel a lot for work, this could be a great option for you!

Laura has been an amazing support on my get fit journey! I was a complete exercise novice. After a bumpy start to menopause I decided things needed to change and it was all quite scary but Laura has been there with me all the way, gently encouraging, challenging and being patient.

Now six months on how things have changed. I look forward to going to my sessions, I am setting myself new challenges, ones I never even considered I could do and I have the energy to do them! But most of all my everyday life has improved, I have more energy just to enjoy life…and that’s what it was all about.
Thank you Laura!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

PT on Panckhurst

9 Panckhurst Drive, Woodend