Hello, I’m Laura and welcome to PT on Panckhurst!

I’m a qualified and experienced trainer with a difference – I specialize in training women transitioning into menopause.

Menopause can be a challenging time and the usual exercise and nutrition regime can sometimes stop having the desired effect. You’re exhausted, irritable and just trying to make it through the day wondering what’s going on. With changes to your lifestyle, you can gain back those energy levels and get back to living your best life! If this is how you feel I would love to help you gain back your health, fitness and confidence.

I believe that no one should be excluded from getting fit so if you want to come along for a fun and challenging workout you are more than welcome. One of the biggest reasons my clients enjoy my style of training is because I can adapt any workout for anyone whether you are fit or not-so-fit, menopausal or not.

I train my clients both face to face and online with a view to getting fit, strong, healthy and confident. I’m here to support you gain back your health and fitness so that you can enjoy life to the full!

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